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Track Loading
"Track Loading" is a non-free feature that enables you to view your old tracks. Greenalp supports both viewing tracks online or downloading them on your local computer (as GPX or KML file). You can watch downloaded tracks for example with Google Earth. When purchasing Track Loading please keep following in mind:
You can view only tracks recorded after time of paying.
There is a maximum limit of trackpoints which can be saved on server, i.e. if you exceed this limit the server will delete some of your trackpoints even if you have bought "Track Loading". The limit is specified on the "Buy Track Loading" page.
Tracks can be viewed/downloaded only in the web portal. The Android app does not support this feature.

How to view/download tracks from the past?

Open the menu on the right side of the map by clicking the small orange icon. If you cannot find the menu please have a look at Screenshot1 and Screenshot2.
  1. Select the user owning the track. Note: If you buy "Track Loading" you can access only your own track data. Your friends' tracks are available only if they have also bought "Track Loading" and if they have granted track permission to you (i.e. to their friends). Permissions can be configured in the web portal settings section.
  2. Select the date range you want to view.
  3. Select the preferred output. You can either view the tracks online or download them on your local computer.
  4. Push the "Load Track" button.