Week Number Roll Over problem

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Week Number Roll Over problem

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All the world faced up a problem with GPS Time protocol.
GPS Time protocol uses small week number counter, that earns its limit once 19,5 year (1024 weeks).
After 1024th week counters are roll overed to zero and begin to count weeks from zero week once again.

Last Week Number Roll Over occured at April, 6th, 2019.

This problem is well known world wide, so most of all new GPS receivers are fixed by manufacturer with patches or new firmware to process this counters roll over. But not all devices are on lifecycle support from manufacturer till 2019. It seems like not only I faced up this problem!

Real Time GPS Tracker STOPED working on my device (Car GPS, GSM modules working on Android platform) at April, 6th, 2019. I tried different ways to solve this problem. The only reason Real Time GPS Tracker is not working correct is incorrect time, receiving from GPS receiver.

Today, for example, GPS receiver gives time stamp to all appliances date - September, 07, 1963.

Yesterday I found another GPS Tracker soft - "GPS Trace Tag" from GURTAM. I found very useful option - checkbox "Use time of device instead time of position from GPS receiver". This option solves a big problem with old GPS receivers!

So, as soon, as I am using Real Time GPS Tracker for a years and I like your product, I want to use it further, I kindly ask you to update your product with including this option in configuration menu.

I will be happy if you publish updated product as soon as possible, as nowadays I cannot use your product because its not working with incorrect time from GPS receivers!

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Week Number Roll Over problem

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I will need some time to check it if it is possible.
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