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Location History

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Dear Greenalp
I am using version 1 of your software and very happy with the way it permits my family to track my location.
I am a bus driver.
My most recent job means I need to log my history.
I can do that by taking a screenshot every evening but I'd prefer any automated email record of my days movements.
Is such a summary possible?
(I'm not a very competent computer user.)
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Re: Location History

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Thank you for your nice feedback :-). For your there are several options:
- Either you activate the "Track Loading" option. This way you can download your old tracks, But this is a non-free feature.
- You activate the "Google Maps Timeline" in Google Maps. So you can see your old tracks in Google Maps.
- Download one of the offline GPS Trackers from Google Play Store. The usually are free. They cannot publish your tracks on a website but they can store your tracks on your phone.
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