SMS Password hitch

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SMS Password hitch

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I have used RTT2 happily for several years for occasional rendezvous. Usually I run the remote command sequence Start service, Track once, Stop service.
To do this there needs to be a SMS password (presumably on both devices). The Stop service command fails if there is no password, which is puzzling because there is no actual SMS texting involved.
Unfortunately the SMS password gets wiped out every time RTT2 is updated by Google Play, and the special version at has to be reinstalled at both ends to reinstate the password.
Since the May updates I have found no way in which to install the special version.

Please disregard my previous submission re SMS Passwords. After investigation it is clear that my problems were network related and I do not need to install the special version of RTT2.

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Re: SMS Password hitch

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Yes, for the remote command you don't need the SMS password, because the command is sent via push message. But it is also possible to send a "SMS command". In this case you indeed would need to know the SMS password and it works only if you have installed the full version which is not available in the Play Store anymore (Google doesn't allow apps sending SMS anymore).

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