what happened to the android app?

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what happened to the android app?

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Re: what happened to the android app?

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currently there are indeed problems with the PlayStore - Google has removed the app from the Play Store three times in two weeks. The only hint that I got from Google is that there is a problem with the layout of the ad banner, but they don't say what's exactly wrong. So I can do nothing but trying some changes in trial and error mode. I upload a new version, and if Google removes it again I change the ad layout and upload again. I hope I have identified the problem soon and the app will stay permanently in the play store. Currently I can see the app in the Play Store, so you should be able to install it.
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Re: what happened to the android app?

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Google is really an idiot ! I hope that you will find a solution. Your app is so great ! The greatest even !

Thanks again.
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