I have major problem

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I have major problem

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I have major problem with my Samsung J5 2017. After about 60 minutes of active tracking the phone seems to enter sleep mode and tracking update will be stopped. Once I activate the display the tracking continued as normal. While the phone is in sleep mode the icon in the real time tracker app shows a Zzzzzz and the information that the phone is sleeping.
How can I prevent the phone falling in sleep mode? App setting was already changed to "never deep sleep", however no change.

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Re: I have major problem

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That's a known problem of Android - it's called "Android doze mode". Google has introduced this behavior with Android 6/7 and it means apps and GPS are disable while the phone is on standby. The bad news is that it cannot be disabled (except your phone is rooted). The only thing you can do is:
- Either connect the phone to a charger (doze mode should be disabled while charging)
- Or switch on screen from time to time (doze mode is only active if the screen is off for a certain time).

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