Tracking a Friend

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Tracking a Friend

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Okay so my issue is the friend tracker works great, but every once in a while it wont track for hours at a time. Then when i send a track once command or any command to the other phone it doesn't wake the app up on their end. I dont really care about battery consumption, how can I keep the tracker running steady from their phone. Its set for 10 second interval on GPS tracking, but for some reason it stops after a while
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Re: Tracking a Friend

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The reason is the "doze mode" feature from Android which keeps all apps from running permanently and also disables GPS when the phone is on standby for a while. You can really solve it but you might check in your settings if for your phone there is an option to disable power saving mode or put the Real Time GPS Tracker on a exception list.
It's also worth to mention that the doze mode is usually disabled while the phone is connected to a a charger or when screen is on.
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